Understanding the Assessment Process

  • We can support parents to navigate and understand the ASD assessment process, Education Health & Care Plans, selecting Nursery / Schools as well as signpost to other services.
  • We can offer support on understanding of how Autism affects your child. Focusing on their social communication, play, behaviour and sensory perceptions by offering practical support and strategies.

Extended Families

  • Training, support and information for other family members and friends. Often the extended family need information and advice on what a diagnosis of Autism means and how best to support the family.

 School/Nursery Observations

  • We offer schools and nursery setting observations on request. This can be to for a number of purposes, to contribute to ongoing assessments, to identify triggers to children’s behaviours and to make recommendations.

Please call us for a 15minute free consultation to discuss your concerns and to see how we might be able to support you with our various services

We adapt our interventions to accommodate family life and have a flexible approach and a positive attitude