We have 25 years hands on experience of working directly with parents and children, offering support, information and interventions in relation to children with social communication differences, Autism and developmental delay.

We use evidenced based approaches to shape a child’s communication, attention and behaviour to prepare them for their learning journey and developing independence. 

We support the evidence that ‘the best early interventions are in the home’ by working directly with parents The value of early intervention programmes, especially in the home are well acknowledged. A focus on parenting skills and parent-child interactions during the early years has recognised positive outcomes in a child’s communication, interactions, attention and overall progress as well as the reduction of behaviours that challenge.

We provide support for parents on;

Developing communication

  • Providing you with strategies and supporting you to use them.
  • Supporting the use of pictures/symbols as a way for your child to communicate with you, whilst you wait for them to hopefully learn to talk.
  • Teaching parents the right interaction style that is required to develop communication with a child with social communication differences/ASD.
  • Techniques to support your child to understand your spoken language and their environment.

Developing Attention

  • Provide you with techniques to help your child to start to attend for learning and fun activities.
  • We help with developing attention control by using evidenced based approaches including Attention Bucket, Visual supports, for example, Now and Next Boards, Choice Boards, Timetables and Timers, preparing your child to be ready to learn

Developing Play Skills with You/Peers

  • We offer advice/strategies to address issues that you child might have playing with you and peers.
  • Support you to develop sharing and turn taking skills with your child, as well as extending their play routines.

Understanding and Managing Behaviour

  • We can offer support and strategies to alleviate and cope with behaviours that challenge.
  • Help your child to follow an adult’s agenda.
  • Cope with changes in daily routines, new people and settings.
  • Toileting – supporting your child to be independent.
  • Eating / Restricted Diets – setting realistic expectations to achieve improved eating patterns.
  • Sleep – support in establishing good bed-time routines.

Please call us for a 15minute free consultation to discuss your concerns and to see how we might be able to support you with our various services

We adapt our interventions to accommodate family life and have a flexible approach and a positive attitude.