We are accredited facilitators for the National Autistic Society EarlyBird Programme, this is a Gold Star Behaviour Intervention Programme that we have been delivering for the past 12 years. These programmes are regularly evaluated by NAS and the feedback we have received is very positive.

We provide support for parents on;

Early Intervention and Behavioural Support.

This is an individualised programme designed to support the child and the family. This might include:

  • Toileting and Hygiene.
  • Eating/Sleep Hygiene.
  • Implementation of PECS, Visual Support and Structure.
  • Developing Communication.
  • Useful techniques to help learning and communication.
  • Preventing Problems and Developing Play Routines.
  • Understanding and Managing Behaviour.

Following an initial consultation and observations with the family we then formulate appropriate interventions, provide advice, resources and ongoing support. We  also offer support into nurseries/schools to upskill practitioners working with children by sharing and modelling strategies.

We adapt our interventions to accommodate family life and have a flexible approach and a positive attitude.

Autism Awareness Training

Aims to support parents through the pre and post diagnosis process and support their understanding of how Autism affects their child. Focussing on their

social communication, play, behaviour and sensory perceptions by offering practical support and strategies.


One to one therapy sessions for parents, carers and family members as this can be a very difficult and confusing time for families.

Counselling gives families a space to talk about and understand their own behaviour in relation to their children and to explore their own emotions. 

Extended Families

Training, support and information for other family members and friends. Often the extended family need information and advice on what a diagnosis of Autism means and how best to support the family.

 School/Nursery Observations

We offer schools and nursery setting observations on request.

This can be to for a number of purposes, to contribute to ongoing assessments, to identify triggers to children’s behaviours and to make recommendations.


Home/Nursery/Counselling            £50 per hour (individual)

Observations/Report writing/Recommendations/Feedback        £75 per hour

Travel time is £10 per 30 minutes.

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